Tu Filing & Storage

It’s All About You
Your personal workspace needs to serve you so you’re free to do your best.
That’s why with Tu, the spotlight is on you. In fact, “tu” mean “you” in French, Spanish, and Italian. It stands right by your side, keeping your things in reach, in sight, in place, and secure if need be.

With its broad filing and storage capacity, Tu does it all efficiently and without frills. Practical and down-to-business, it’s a great value focused on essential function without sacrificing quality, choice, or refined looks.

Meridian Filing & Storage
Working For Everyone
Just as a meridian is the highest point of an arc, Meridian products perform at a premium level. Modularity is one reason why. You can mix and match and rearrange stackable modules as high and wide as you need without the restriction of an enclosing case. Beyond modularity, Meridian is comprehensive. It offers a wealth of features. Its refined design blends beautifully throughout your workplace, especially where communities of people work together. Meridian also fits perfectly with your architecture, and it can define space and set boundaries.

Office Files and Storage in Miami, Florida

A Solution For Every Need
Comprehensive Choice
HermanMiller’s diverse lines of filing and storage — Tu Filing and Storage and Meridian Filing and Storage — provide complete and coordinated choices. Each line has its own specialty: Tu in individual space and Meridian in community space.