What to Search for When Purchasing a New Filing Cabinet

File cabinets

A filing cabinet is used for storing files, papers, or other documents that are significant to an organization. Because it enables individuals to organize themselves and maintain information that is easily accessible, it is one of the most useful tools available in the workspace.

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What to Search for When Purchasing a New Filing Cabinet



Consider whether or not you require a locking feature before purchasing a filing cabinet for your home. Many cabinets offer this capability, but it might not be the best idea to use it at home. What kinds of files are you going to keep in it? Should a lock and key be used to maintain the confidentiality of such documents? Before making a purchase, check to see that all of the drawers in the filing cabinet can be secured in a locked position if you require one.

Cabinet Size

The size of the cabinet you need is determined by how much storage space you need. Consider how much space you require for storage right now and how much space you could require in the future.

How will you fit into your filing cabinets as you continue to mature? Do you have room for another cabinet to be placed next to the previous one? Take into account the amount of vertical space you have compared to the amount of horizontal space to determine whether or not you will require a tall cabinet.


Do you need to rearrange the location of your filing cabinet? Wheels are a common feature on modern file cabinets, making them mobile and convenient for use anywhere in the house or workplace. If you do not want to move your cabinet, look for one that does not have wheels; this will ensure that it does not shake while you are using it.


How would you like the appearance of your cabinet to be? Do you want it to stand out or blend in with the surroundings? Think about the color, texture, and design of the drawer handle. Choose a cabinet that echoes the style of the rest of your home or works well with the layout of the home office you have created for yourself.


Additional Factors to Take Into Account:

  • Locking capabilities: Some filing cabinets may not have locks. If you require a lockable file, read everything carefully to discover whether or not the file of your choice may be locked.
  • Counterweights: If you tend to cram your filing cabinets to capacity, having counterweights may be a vital safety element. Counterweights help prevent filing cabinets from toppling over.
  • In the days before, it was usual practice to hang files from the ceiling, and filing cabinets frequently used a type of metal drawer divider called a follower block. Because some units still use them, you need to be sure that you decide whether or not you want this type of filing method.
  • Thanks to a component called hanging bars, file folders can remain in the hanging position. If you wish to file your documents in a lateral filing cabinet in a front-to-back form, ensure you get additional handling bars. This will allow you to file the documents in the correct order.

Because they can store a substantial amount of documents simultaneously, lateral file cabinets are best suited for usage in high-traffic work areas. These units come with two or more drawers, and most have an anti-tip mechanism that prevents them from toppling over when one of the drawers is opened to its full extent. Because lateral file cabinets are wider than they are deep, filing is normally done from side to side. Furthermore, the majority of lateral filing cabinets can store hanging folders that are either letter or legal size. Because lateral files are so huge, you should always be sure to measure the room in which you plan to install your new cabinet before purchasing it.



The Perfect Furniture for Your Office

Whether we work from home or travel to an office, we spend a lot of time there. Many of us regularly suffer a poorly designed working environment, making do with the furniture at hand.

However, a functional, practical, personalized workstation and properly constructed office furniture are crucial to increase productivity and general efficiency.

We can also take inspiration from Apple office furniture, Tesla Office furniture or even Google office furniture to get an idea of what kind of furniture they use to give their employees the comfort that makes them so productive.

Are you wondering where the wealthiest people work? Where do their employees work? Let us walk you through it.

Elon Musk’s Working Station

Elon Musk decided to bring his desk to the end of the assembly line, right next to his sleeping bag, where he would spend countless hours each week working on the Tesla Model X.

It’s interesting to note that Musk’s workstation at SpaceX seems relatively regular despite being a little bare. His emphasis is on the future rather than filling his desk with relics from the past.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Office Furniture

Mark Zuckerberg’s workstation is as open to conversation as pals on Facebook, as he is seated in the middle of Facebook’s spacious offices without walls to separate staff.

His direct desk has surfaces covered in graffiti and is frequently sprinkled with Gatorade and fast food. Zuckerberg’s workstation promotes collaborative work and a free flow of ideas.

Google Office Furniture Design

Google’s workspaces were created to go along with how they like to work, which seems to be working for them. However, not everyone or every organization should use the open plan design.

Employees are happier if their working needs are addressed; some need a quiet spot for attention, others a lively, inspiring space for inspiration and ideas, and others a closed board or meeting room for private discussions.

What office furniture they use that makes it easy for them to communicate and exchange ideas with each other is a great way to get inspiration for your office furniture.

Apple’s most exclusive office furniture and interiors

Apple is a name of innovation and technology. They are the ones who brought music into our pockets with their creation of Ipods. It is no doubt that their office furniture is one to look at.

Apple uses maple finishes throughout the fit-out to go with the ultra-modern look. This adds a layer of warmth and depth to any workplace by enabling employees to feel more “grounded” and comfortable in their surroundings. Apple should be able to smoothly integrate the outdoors with a primarily ultra-modern interior thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the 20-acre property.

Large indoor trees are a common feature in Apple retail stores, contrasting the sleek metallic finishes, polished concrete and square glass cubes while complementing their signature wooden worktops.

The Bottom Line

Comfortable office furniture is what makes the employees work with ease and comfort. Not surprisingly, the comfort and the ease of work also increase productivity. If there’s no productivity, there’s no way your business is going to be successful. How do you bring that ease to your employees?

The office of top firms like Apple, Meta, Google and Tesla is a real example of what comforts look like. By taking inspiration from their office furniture, you can choose what best suits your office and your employees.

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How to create your ideal creativity zone

The importance of an ideal workspace is not just about the physical space itself, but also about what it can do for your productivity.

Some people have a desk at home where they work from and others work from a coffee shop or library. The best place for you to work may be somewhere that is not your home or office but it depends on what you need in order to be productive.

Here are some tips to create a space where you and your employees can be productive and creative:

How to Choose the Best Furniture and Decorations for Your Office Space

The first step is to define your company’s culture. What is the company’s vision and mission? What kind of personality do they want to project?

The second step is to identify the needs of each person who will be using the space. Do they prefer a quiet space or a collaborative one? Do people need desks with dividers or without them?

A third step would be to think about how much time people spend in the office, and what are their work habits like when they are in the office.

Also, you should consider how much money you are willing to invest. The amount of money available for furniture and decorations can help determine what type of furniture you want to invest in.

How to Create a Workplace That Fits Your Personality Type

In today’s digital age, the workplace is changing. With the increase in globalization and new digital technology, there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to the workplace and how it fits your personality type. But there are essentials things you should consider in the future:

1) The right desk

2) An ergonomic chair

3) Good lightning

How to Choose the Desk to Work

The size of the desk should be appropriate for the space you have available and what you need to do at that space.

The function of your work area should also be taken into account when choosing a desk. For example, if you are using a computer most of the time then your workspace should allow for this use without being cluttered and obstructing other things

How to Choose the Chair for Your Needs

It is important to find a chair that can provide the best comfort for your body. It is also important to make sure that you are able to move around with ease in the chair.

The best way to do this is by finding a chair with a good lumbar support, armrests and adjustable height.

How to Choose the Lighting

There are many different types of lighting that can help you achieve your desired look and feel depending on what type of room you have and what your needs are.     If you are looking for an energy efficient solution that will save money on bills, then LED lights may be the way to

Don’t forget you’re creating a space where you’ll spend hours and days in it. Making it comfortable and efficient will make a complete difference in your company results.

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What to consider before an office renovation

Renovating an office is a complex task. It can take months of planning and construction if you try to do it yourself.

In Corporate Design Choice, we will assist you in how to plan for a renovation, what questions to ask your designer, how to choose a contractor, how much time and money you should spend on renovations, and more!


Let’s start from the Office.


Offices are the place where all employees are required to go, so it needs to be comfortable and safe.

There are many different types of office renovations that can be done on an office building, but Corporate Design Choice is here to assist you with brand new furniture to adjust and renew the space you work, making it an efficient and comfortable one.

If you are considering refurbishment to update your current office space and make it more efficient, you’re in the right place.


How Much Does an Office Renovation Cost?


The cost of an office renovation depends on many factors. The first is the size of the office. The larger the office, the more expensive it will be to renovate.

The second factor is how much work needs to be done on the space. If only a few pieces of furniture need to be changed, for example, then this will not cost as much as if many new pieces of furniture need to be installed or removed.

Last but not least, the third factor you need to consider is the quality and brand of the furniture you’re looking for. Check our Products section to start searching for your favorite brands with your budget, or the Clearance section for a reduced price. 


What are the Best Materials for a Commercial Office Renovation?


Commercial offices are not just a place to work. They represent the company and its culture, so they must be designed in a way that reflects this. The office space needs to be comfortable and reflects the company’s values and goals.

The best materials for commercial office renovations are those which create the desired environment for the staff, one which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Choose the Right Contractor for Your Office Remodeling Project


The first thing that you need to do is to determine the project. You should also consider how much time and money you are willing to spend on the project. If you are on a tight budget, then it might be best for you to look for the furniture you need to change first by importance. But if you have a determined budget to remodel the space, contact us, and our design team will help you find everything you need to have the best office ever.

Ocean view office ideas

Starting a new decorating project always sounds intimidating, but when you have higher expectations due to your location, it’s all about making the best decisions!

When looking for furniture to decorate an office near the beach, you may think about the cliché sea-themed furniture, but we are far from that idea, and that is why we are dedicating you these lines.

In these past few years, office concept has changed to make a space that could WORK for you and your team, in every aspect. And that’s why we have options available to make a sophisticated place, full of inspiration and promoting efficiency.

Depending on your preferences, you should consider collaborative spaces with a touch of color, life, and green to create a complete space with a fantastic ocean view; or find the sophistication in soft seats and dark furniture with clear tables that can match perfectly with a sunset.

Our recommendation is to create an strategic plan to redecorate your office with a set of new furniture, but, if you need to go step by step, we also have a wide variety of furniture available to start your own project and personalize your space.


What to expect in 2022


In 2022 we will see more motivation to renovate offices and furniture since it’s the official year to be back at a regular workspace. But don’t forget that your team stayed in their own houses for a period of time, and they will need more comfort than before; just what we are suggesting here!

Try to invest in future, in real “working” spaces that will make your team comfortable, energetic, efficient and productive together:

  • Match your furniture with your brand’s personality with a high-level touch.
  • Find the best ergonomic chairs in the market to prevent discomfort.
  • Take advantage of your location and inspire, make people feel confident in their jobs and enhance productivity.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the view!


Start working on your dream office


These are some of our recommendations for you this year, and try to imagine yourself with an ocean view in any of these spaces!


Our eBench contemporary design

Perfect technology integration into a simple, uncluttered package


The Edge collaborative space

The flexible menu of components can be combined in limitless ways to meet changing needs of your company.


Impulse G2 private office

The lighter elements around will lead you to an individual inspiration space.


We will guide you to choose the best option for your company!

Our job is to guide you find the perfect furniture for your corporate office and team, and nothing’s best than having the ocean on our side!





The Truth About Ergonomic Chairs: Should You Buy One?

Are ergonomic chairs really all that? 


Lately we have been reading a lot about ergonomic chairs and today, as professionals, we want to tell you the truth behind the technology that makes these chairs what they are.

Then, you can decide whether to buy an ergonomic chair or choose the best seating to work or to furnish your office.

What are ergonomic chairs?

Ergonomic chairs are designed to improve posture and alleviate discomfort, usually through the use of adjustable features that allow the user to customize the chair to their body.

Do ergonomic chairs work?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people find that ergonomic chairs help them maintain good posture and alleviate discomfort, while others find that the adjustment features are not comfortable or do not fit their body correctly.

Should I buy an ergonomic chair?

Again, there is no one definitive answer to this question but here are the facts for you to make a decision. Ergonomic chairs can be expensive and some people find that they do not need one in order to maintain good posture or alleviate discomfort. Before purchasing an ergonomic chair, consult with a doctor or physical therapist to see if an ergonomic chair is the right choice for you.

If you decide that an ergonomic chair is the right choice for you, be sure to take the time to research different models and find one that fits your body and budget. Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to find one that is comfortable for you.

What are the benefits of ergonomic chairs?

– Improved posture

– Alleviation of discomfort

– Increased productivity ( in some cases)

– Reduced stress levels

– Improved circulation

Are there any risks associated with using ergonomic chairs?

There are a few risks associated with using ergonomic chairs, including:

– Difficulty adjusting to new chair or discomfort while using the chair

– Increased risk of injury if ergonomic adjustments are not made correctly

– Inability to use ergonomic chairs for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort or pain.

How to choose an ergonomic chair?

When choosing an ergonomic chair, be sure to consider the following factors:

– Your body type

– The type of work you do

– How often you will be using the chair

– Your budget

We help you find the right chair for you!

Our job is to guide you find the perfect furniture for your corporate office and team. Tell us your job and we’ll find the best seating option that works with your budget and priorities. 

office furniture 2022

Office Furniture 2022: How to Style a Modern Office

How do you find the perfect office furniture? How can you create a modern and stylish office without breaking the bank?

The new year just started, it’s time to renovate your office and change those old furnishings for more modern, practical, and aesthetic ones. Your office should express your personality and good style; it’s where you receive clients so it has to be amazing to impress them.

Ready. Set. Renovate.

Tessera desks to modernize your private office

First and foremost, you need a new desk. If it’s the only piece of office furniture that you buy, make sure to put your money on something stylish yet functional!

The best option is the Tessera designs, adaptable to any space and perfect for renovating your Florida office in 2022. They have the ideal shape to take up as little space as possible and make the most of your office. 

In addition, they have a large number of storage spaces, reception desks and lively colors that can be perfectly adapted to any color palette you choose to renovate your office in 2022.

The good thing about these models is that they are timeless and will never go out of style, so you can be sure that your investment is a good one.

If you want to give your office a facelift without spending too much money, opt for modular furniture like the Tessera desks!

Stylish ergonomic furniture for your lounge

In addition to your office, you can change the furniture in the lounge for a more modern look. In this case it is not necessary to spend as much money as if we were talking about an entire renovation.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and remain productive. For example, ergonomic chairs are a fantastic option that will allow you to sit comfortably.

If there is space for it in your office, why not opt for a corner sofa like the ones you can have with Yoom lounge Collection? They save space and give the living room an elegant touch of modernity without emptying the bank account. 

With these small changes your corporate office will be the most modern and stylish place you have ever seen.

Office chairs to work comfortably 

The office chairs are, without a doubt, the most important pieces of furniture you will have in your workspace. You spend hours working on them, so it is very important to invest here!  What better option than an ergonomic chair? A good model, such as the Torsa, Omnia and Pret, offers support for your back and head depending on the type of work we do, and also has a height adjustment system so that it can be adapted to each person.

As you can see, it’s going to be really easy for you to create an office that will  make you happy to spend time in this year and that will also reflect your impeccable style. So go ahead and start planning your office makeover!

A nice desk, a stylish living room and comfortable chairs sound like the best idea for this 2022. Do you already have an idea of how you will start redecorating your office? Look for the best options in our showroom, where confort, style and productivity meet.


2022 Trends in Cubicles

Who knew cubicles and office furniture would still be a thing in 2022? In this blog post, we will discuss the trends that are starting to show up as well as what you can expect from cubicle manufacturers.

In this article, we will talk about the trends that will appear (and remain) in 2022.

Want to make a change in your office? You have to see this!

Cubicle Trends for 2022

The first trend is going back to basics with cubicles. These cubicles have a more open layout and offer better communication between employees where they can work together on projects instead of working separately at their desks. 

A trend that will also stand out in 2022 is that of open-plan cubicles. These cubicles are built in a way that they can be easily moved to make room for different projects or teams of employees. 

Office furniture trends include ergonomic chairs with adjustable height, mesh back office chairs with comfortable armrests and lumbar support, as well as footrest.

Cubicles are going back to basics, with a more open layout that promotes communication between employees as well as offering flexibility for teams or projects.

Open-plan cubicles will be built in such way that they can be moved to accommodate different needs.

Office furniture is trending towards ergonomic chairs with adjustable height, mesh back office chairs with comfortable armrests and lumbar support, as well as footrests. This will ensure that employees are comfortable while working.

What to Expect from Cubicle Manufacturers

Cubicle manufacturers are beginning to experiment with different materials and textures. Some cubicles are now made of wood, metal or glass. 

Manufacturers like AIS, AMQ Solutions, JSI Furniture or Enwork are also looking for new ways to make office furniture more comfortable and practical. One trend to look forward to is the use of sustainable materials. In addition, cubicles and all their furniture will be custom-made to better suit the needs of each company. 

A trend in cubicles that will also remain in 2022 is the use of technology. This may include charging stations for electronic devices to make the work process more comfortable.

Some cubicles are even soundproofed to reduce noise levels in the office.

You can expect cubicle manufacturers to continue to offer these trends in cubicles and office furniture by 2022. If you’re looking to upgrade your cubicles or office furniture, be sure to keep these trends in mind.

Do you need to update your office?

We’ve been designing spaces, cubicles and providing office furniture to companies like yours for more than 30 years. That means we know what works and what doesn’t.

Our team of experts can help you find the furniture, workstations, chairs and more to keep everyone in your company comfortable and keep your cubicle on trend in 2022.

If you want cubicles that increase productivity while making employees happy, our products are designed to do just that! Whether it’s ergonomic chairs or height-adjustable desks, we have everything you need to create an efficient space where people love coming to work every day. 

Now is the best time to renovate your office!

Top ways to decorate your office cubicle

Whether you are recently moving back to the office or just trying to make things more interesting around your workplace, decorating your office cubicle is the first step. Changing the aspect of your working space will make any worker feel refreshed and increase their productivity. As stated by Forbes, no matter if it is a cubicle office or a more open floor plan, bringing quality to a workspace decreases the employees’ stress and can increase the overall productivity of the workplace.

Keeping that in mind, here are some aspects on how to best accommodate and decorate office cubicles to bring the best out of the workday:


First, if you are not comfortable while you are working, that’s a bigger issue. Quality seating is primordial in your workplace; it must be practical in size, adjustable to you and pleasant for you to be in for the next eight hours.

Our chairs are meant for task and office work of any size, for conferences, collaborative work and your cubicles. They are both adjustable in height, depth and body-conforming and more. Also, support multiple sit positions and have integrated intuitive control for extra comfort in your workspace.

Panels decor!

For those minutes of the day that you are not looking at your computer or down on paperwork, your cubicle panels should give you something to look at. The best ways to decorate your boards can be printing pictures of your family and loved ones and pinning or taping them. Posters or inspirational phrases can also refresh your sight and give you some motivation. Another helpful way of decorating your cubicle panels is by adding a clip-on or magnet calendar- this allows you to stay organized and have a chic decoration.

Your desk

Sometimes a deep clean of your desk is all you need to feel refreshed, which is why storage space is crucial. Pack your things orderly through dividers into your cabinets, declutter the area around your computer and organize all your daily materials. If this doesn’t make you feel more relieved, here are the top desk decorations: artificial plants, small lamps, magnets, picture frames, book holders, a whiteboard or a desk nameplate.

Coming back to the storage issue, there is no better way to refresh your cubicle than by organizing it in your way. When you have great amounts of paperwork, color-coded file organizers are your best friend. For your desk cabinets, small trays let you divide your materials by categories.

Following some of our ideas, investing in your productivity and with some spare time to decorate you can find yourself comfortable and happy in your workspace. Whether it is adding a plant to your desk or finally switching those old chairs, this will help your work habits, decrease your burn out and overall make you excited to go to work.

Office Furniture to Increase Productivity

Your employees spend at least 8 hours of the day in the office. Either sitting on their desks or in meeting rooms, the office is where they spend most of their time. Maintaining productive employees depends on many factors, the office atmosphere, their passion for the job, and how much they engage. The perfect formula for productivity does not exist, but a vital element that corporate offices can control is the office atmosphere with office furniture.


When it’s time to choose your corporate office furniture, here are some things to take into consideration:


Office Layout:

Before choosing office furniture, it’s essential to have a solid layout. All offices must have a balance between visual privacy, co-worker engagement, and noise distraction. It’s necessary to think, which offices need to be closer to each other and which should be a little bit further away from the noise? Aim for a layout that provides people with space to engage while not taking away their privacy and strategically placing departments.


Desk and Workstation:

Desk and workstations are where employees will spend most of their time working, which must be comfortable and practical. The desk must be designed to provide good spacing between the desktop and the employee. It decreases eye discomfort, headaches and eye strain. Storage is a big plus in workstations; give your employees enough space to put their personal belongings and office materials.


Conference Rooms:

Conference rooms are the heart of the office, representing their professionalism and office style. The furniture will set the tone for the room and what will happen there. Do you want people slouching, bored and uncomfortable, or will they be ready to brainstorm, write notes and make decisions? A conference room must meet the needs of a big meeting with remote workers, a smaller staff meeting and casual presentations.




Storage is a big problem in most companies; employers must be alert that cluttered and disorganization can genuinely affect employees’ productivity and mood. Where will the important documents be stored, how easy will it be for employees to access them, will it be open to the public or private? Those are all questions that have to be taken into consideration. Clutter has been proven to affect employees’ mood and productivity, so the storage area must be a vital part of the office design.

Office Furniture + productivity


Even though there is no perfect formula for employee productivity, business owners must be aware that their office furniture can truly impact. In our introductory office visit, we design the office with you and explain how each piece will peacefully work with the next and keeping in mind all the elements mentioned above. Our goal is to create corporate offices that promote productivity and result in business growth.