It’s Time to Remodel your Corporate Office

Whether you lead one of the many Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies in the City of Doral or your corporate office houses any of the 150,000 employees that come work every day; it is probably time for you to remodel the corporate furniture and design of the office.


Thousands of employees are heading back to work after months of not being physically incorporated. Your old office furniture can only last so long, the office chairs should only last about 5 years and your office design has to follow the needs of the times.


2021 changed the office furniture needs, for your business to succeed it needs to include Covid-friendly elements, safe engaging furniture, telecommunications-friendly equipment, and more.


Telecommunications and Remote Workers


Telecommunications has seen an obvious rise this year and your office needs to make changes. Which is why,  your Doral office furniture needs to be adapted to the needs of your physical and remote workers. Every conference room needs to be spacious enough to have your team in a tele-conference and  be adapted with the needed audio and visual equipment.

Office Engagement

It is always up to the office management team to build a good engaging atmosphere and your office furniture has more to do in the process than you might think. An engaging office design and furniture can foster creativity and inspire collaboration and that is exactly our goal as we plan your corporate spaces



Remodel Your Corporate Office

As thousands of employees are going back to physical offices, this is the perfect time to remodel and adjust your corporate space. Our city of Doral is known to be one of the best places to work, the office environment you provide has everything to do with that. Corporate Design Choice can adapt your office to the 2021 corporate needs and trends, providing an inspiring place to work. We will design it, order the furniture and install it all under one roof. Take this summer to really make an impact in your corporate office, let’s get started

2021 Corporate Office Design Trends

We can confidently say that COVID-19 has completely transformed office spaces- from corporate to remote work offices. It is in our present and constantly shaping the future. Corporate offices have had to adapt faster than ever to a ‘new’ normal. Making the working team feel comfortable while keeping their office style professional and effective.

As we all begin to get back in our offices, corporate businesses need to adapt the working spaces to the times. Which is why we rounded up the 2021 corporate office design trends and the office furniture to match it. Following the trends, it’s not just for fashion but effectiveness and safety.


A Little ‘Home’ at work

2020 got us all used to working from home or practically anywhere; going back to a complete corporate office is not an option for many businesses. The goal of offices is to provide comfort to their employees and feel relaxed as if they were home, which is why resimercial designs, the mix of residential and commercial features, is such a hit in 2021.

This can be created by switching the classic office furniture and adding features like: natural light, comfortable seating, a mix of textures, light tones, mix of textures/silhouettes, and more. The combination of the features creates an effective, professional yet comforting place to work.


Video Conferencing Everywhere

This is a given; video conferencing has become a norm- guaranteeing every employee to have google meets or zoom installed on their devices. The switch to a small world also switches conference rooms and basic office furniture.

Conference rooms and offices must be re-configured to fit multiple screens, cameras, microphones, outlets, and speakers for bigger in-office meetings. With a great chance of having dispersed team members, even smaller offices need adaptable office furniture for an excellent visual and audio set.


Workstation Neighborhoods

Large workstations have always been around in office furniture, but the increase of remote working and social distancing office design has further inclined. Because everyone is constantly answering video conferencing calls, the noise atmosphere has to be controlled and a great option are work neighborhoods.

Pivot spaces contain movable office furniture that is re-configured easily but has physical barriers in a large space.


Hello Open Spaces

After being locked at home for a year, the worst thing an office can do is deprive their team of natural lighting and open spaces. It is not only safer but aesthetically pleasing for an office. Open areas in corporate lobbies or collaborative rooms allow for the team to spread around and be comfortable.

If the natural lighting is not possible, we always advise our clients to use diffused lights or artificial lighting that mimics natural sunlight. Featured is  the lobby for one of our clients whose goal is to provide a comfortable space that remains professional.

The 2021 office design trends are here to stay and will continue to shape the future. Corporate offices around the world have already adapted their working spaces with appropriate office furniture and small renovations. We are here to renovate and adapt your office space into one that is 2021 friendly, professional and comfortable for your needs. Look through our catalog and give us a call if you’re ready to adapt your office furniture and spaces.


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