Ocean view office ideas

Starting a new decorating project always sounds intimidating, but when you have higher expectations due to your location, it’s all about making the best decisions!

When looking for furniture to decorate an office near the beach, you may think about the cliché sea-themed furniture, but we are far from that idea, and that is why we are dedicating you these lines.

In these past few years, office concept has changed to make a space that could WORK for you and your team, in every aspect. And that’s why we have options available to make a sophisticated place, full of inspiration and promoting efficiency.

Depending on your preferences, you should consider collaborative spaces with a touch of color, life, and green to create a complete space with a fantastic ocean view; or find the sophistication in soft seats and dark furniture with clear tables that can match perfectly with a sunset.

Our recommendation is to create an strategic plan to redecorate your office with a set of new furniture, but, if you need to go step by step, we also have a wide variety of furniture available to start your own project and personalize your space.


What to expect in 2022


In 2022 we will see more motivation to renovate offices and furniture since it’s the official year to be back at a regular workspace. But don’t forget that your team stayed in their own houses for a period of time, and they will need more comfort than before; just what we are suggesting here!

Try to invest in future, in real “working” spaces that will make your team comfortable, energetic, efficient and productive together:

  • Match your furniture with your brand’s personality with a high-level touch.
  • Find the best ergonomic chairs in the market to prevent discomfort.
  • Take advantage of your location and inspire, make people feel confident in their jobs and enhance productivity.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the view!


Start working on your dream office


These are some of our recommendations for you this year, and try to imagine yourself with an ocean view in any of these spaces!


Our eBench contemporary design

Perfect technology integration into a simple, uncluttered package


The Edge collaborative space

The flexible menu of components can be combined in limitless ways to meet changing needs of your company.


Impulse G2 private office

The lighter elements around will lead you to an individual inspiration space.


We will guide you to choose the best option for your company!

Our job is to guide you find the perfect furniture for your corporate office and team, and nothing’s best than having the ocean on our side!