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  • Bazalto


    n modern offices room for communication is needed… but not only in form of conference rooms. Of vital importance is looser relationship among employees and possibility to relax in their company. This can be done with Bazalto poufs, that can be freely combined depending on the needs. They are designed for chillout zones, but they also work well in public waiting room and in entrance halls. The two heights serve as sitting and backrest unit. Irregular form of the piece of furniture refers to hexagonal shape of stone of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.



  • Idara


    Sweeping curves designed to embrace comfort and draw attention. Idara’s notable contours offer an eccentric mix of drama, opulence, and relaxation. With mid and high back options, its charming yet seductive arm composition and indulgent wingback detail create a curious harmony of vintage style and contemporary glamour.


  • Muse


    Designed by jehs+laub

    Muse by jehs+laub is a soft and sculptural lounge chair that projects modern elegance. This small-scale lounge piece is timeless and uniquely simple with flowing lines and soft surfaces.

    Muse offers three distinct base designs, each with their own exceptional style. The molded foam seat is available with contrasting upholstery options or a rigid urethane shell with upholstered interior.


  • Rowen


    Elegant and welcoming don’t always go hand-in-hand. For Rowen, designer Brian Graham took inspiration from architecture and landscapes to create a graceful, inviting form that evokes a sense of beauty and peace without sacrificing warmth. People need environments that calm and inspire, and Rowen helps create those spaces. The thin, faceted legs create a sense of lightness and poise, while the softer shapes of the cushions provide comfort.



  • Yoom


    The Yoom lounge collection is defined by its soft, simple forms and unrestricted configurability. Carefully considered proportions and upholstery construction ensure that Yoom offers a highly comfortable sit. Each upholstered element can be used in multiple ways, not only encouraging customers to create their own unique vignettes, but also to rearrange the units they already have as their needs evolve.


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