• eBench


    With a slim profile and sleek contemporary design, eBench workstations pack style, function, and technology integration into a simple, uncluttered package. Engineered in Germany, its highly tooled steel structure assures a long-lasting, sturdy structure. Shared, inset legs create ample knee space with plenty of room for storage components.

    Mnufacturer: ENWORK

  • Flux


    The open plan is in a constant state of change. Whether designing for free-address mobility or assigned benching, open collaboration or private, heads-down, Flux Open Plan brings order to the unrest. Designed by David Allan Pesso, Flux Open Plan is an extension of the Flux casegood line that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of height adjustability, smart storage, and modern materials.

    Manufacturer: JSI

  • Kinex


    KINEX integrates height adjustability, built in power and data, and more options for your open plan environments.


    Integrated height adjustability and power/data

    3 Leg options, including 1-stage (fixed), 2-stage and 3-stage legs with anti-collision functionality

    Specify as single or double run

    Soft cable management with 3 duplex option

    Standard up/down controls or 4-memory preset upgrade

    Privacy End Panels

    C-Leg Design



  • Powerbeam


    Meet the Power Couple

    Ultra-efficient PowerBeam adds impressive capabilities to Day-to-Day tables. Available in multiple lengths, angles, and heights to optimize space within your floorplate, PowerBeam ties it all together, putting power just where it’s needed. Thousands of table combinations, and the power to support them. There’s nothing this dynamic duo can’t do.


    Manufacturer: AIS

  • Staks


    Designers Pam Light and John Duffy imagined places where furniture supported the way people work, rather than dictating it. Through conversations and sketches, they created Staks—a design vocabulary of furniture that fosters a habitat that feels personal and natural, includes eclectic textures and patterns, and scales flexibly to individual needs. We’ve added new options for soft, rounded surfaces to that vocabulary, including beautiful wood legs that evoke a sense of home in any setting


    Manufacturer: OFS

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