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  • Fenix

    The finely tailored appearance of Fenix makes for an elegant addition to the modern office. Fenix features a two-piece molded foam shell combined with a proprietary mechanism that allows the user to recline while the arms and the front of the seat remain in a fixed position.

    Manufacturer: DAVIS

  • Flux


    Flux proves that classic desk configurations that extend to the floor can still integrate flexibility, with features like adjustable height work surfaces.

    Flux is a fluid, forward-thinking case good series that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of innovate mobility, smart storage, and modern materials. Design for the dime-size home office or the large executive suite. Convert a workspace into a meeting area with the swing of a table. Integrate height adjustability throughout the office. With FLUX, work the way you want. Designed by David Allan Pesso.

    Manufacturer: JSI

  • Flux


    The open plan is in a constant state of change. Whether designing for free-address mobility or assigned benching, open collaboration or private, heads-down, Flux Open Plan brings order to the unrest. Designed by David Allan Pesso, Flux Open Plan is an extension of the Flux casegood line that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of height adjustability, smart storage, and modern materials.

    Manufacturer: JSI

  • Garvey R5

    For conference, private office or in an open collaborative space, Garvy R5 is designed to fit your exact need.

    Choose the height that fots in the enviroment, the arm that supports the task, and the base that works best for the project. With a selection of arm and base styles, Garvey R5 offers the right adjustment for any office seating.


  • Genus

    The Genus series is designed to adapt to the evolving workplace whether it be in a collaborative, open plan setting or an executive suite. Genus will instantaneously respond to a variety of working needs intelligently, comfortably and ergonomically. Interact with the next generation of seating and embrace the contemporary Genus collection with a black or white frame, seven different mesh, or fully upholstered options. Genus provides a simplistic work style with its ease of use and smooth lines. This is seating made simple.

    Manufacturer: OFS

  • Idara


    Sweeping curves designed to embrace comfort and draw attention. Idara’s notable contours offer an eccentric mix of drama, opulence, and relaxation. With mid and high back options, its charming yet seductive arm composition and indulgent wingback detail create a curious harmony of vintage style and contemporary glamour.


  • Impulse G2

    Impulse G2

    Impulse personalizes the private office experience. The warmth of wood paired with movement through height adjustable choices in desks, bridges and returns tailors Impulse to an individual’s work style. Configured options balance the need for storage, or as we handle less paper, Impulse offers lighter elements centered around display. Fine wood craftsmanship and modern touches hints to a design language that quietly endures and transcends trends.


    Manufacturer: OFS

  • In Stock Collection

    Aeron originally combined a deep knowledge of human-centered design with innovative, never-before-seen technology to deliver a chair unlike any other. Remastered for today’s work and workers, Aeron now offers smarter weight distribution and suspension through 8ZPellicle®, and adjustable PostureFit SL™ that supports both the sacrum and lumbar to better nurture the natural S-shape of the spine. Available in three holistic material expressions, Aeron harmonizes with today’s work places.

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  • Insight Wraparound



    Insight Wraparound is the low-key, elegant complement to any private office or formal setting. Its beautifully crafted frame presents an inviting introduction, but its rich comfort is the final word.


  • Intu


    Intu was built for functionality and design at a practical price point. The clean, modern design creates versatility allowing this one-piece stack chair to stand out in any environment. The subtle flex, ergonomic curves, and aesthetic yet functional back perforations keep the occupant cool and comfortable. Intu is available with a standard plastic seat or with an upholstered seat pad. With the standard plastic chair stacking 35 high on a dolly, Intu becomes a simple choice that is efficient, elegant and stylish. Simply choose from our seven standard plastic colors or pick your own custom color.


    Manufacturer: OFS

  • Jiminy


    Comfortable, affordable, and a snap to store.

    This simple, highly functional flip/nest chair offers clean lines and refreshing support. Through its accommodating flexibility, overachieving performance, and superb versatility, Jiminy delivers seating satisfaction.



  • Kinex


    KINEX integrates height adjustability, built in power and data, and more options for your open plan environments.


    Integrated height adjustability and power/data

    3 Leg options, including 1-stage (fixed), 2-stage and 3-stage legs with anti-collision functionality

    Specify as single or double run

    Soft cable management with 3 duplex option

    Standard up/down controls or 4-memory preset upgrade

    Privacy End Panels

    C-Leg Design



  • L-Shaped With Bullet End Desk

    Original price was: £1,325.00.Current price is: £927.50.
  • LB Lounge


    First impressions matter. A lot. That’s why we make lounge seating that fits beautifully in the reception setting. Then, for employee lounges, we offer soft seating galore. Perfect for imprompt collaboration, a retreat from the desk, or a quiet moment of zen.

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