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  • eBench


    With a slim profile and sleek contemporary design, eBench workstations pack style, function, and technology integration into a simple, uncluttered package. Engineered in Germany, its highly tooled steel structure assures a long-lasting, sturdy structure. Shared, inset legs create ample knee space with plenty of room for storage components.

    Mnufacturer: ENWORK

  • Eleven

    Architecture Uninterrupted. Swiss architect and designer Daniel Korb developed Eleven around a fundamental concept: “Furniture is Architecture on a Different Scale”. This inspires furniture created for functionality and connectivity to support where people interact. Informed by the international style and an architect’s attention to detail, Eleven is an adaptable, sustainable collection that scales from private to open spaces.


    Manufacturere: OFS

  • Epic


    Rich, contemporary design that functions optimally in any space.

    Epic delivers a clean design, balancing wood or laminate with the cool touch of metal. Epic offers a distinct look that exudes a contemporary vibe from private office and conference settings to café and learning spaces.


    Manufacturer: NATIONAL




    Equilibrium provides the perfect balance of form and function to turn any conference environment into an impressive design statement. Its patent-pending, revolutionary design leverages a single base to create the illusion of a floating surface up to 20 feet.

    Equilibrium establishes an incredible span of aesthetic possibilities. With a neutral finish, the base disappears, putting the focus on the floating top. Choose centered or offset cantilevers to add drama, while different finishes for the base and cantilevers create a more expressive, two-tone aesthetic. Additionally, the optional exposed truss aesthetic creates a structural statement, complementing current architectural forms.

    Unimpeded knee space is enjoyed at every position around the table. Designed for technology integration, Equilibrium includes base and trough covers to conceal power and cabling without compromise. Round tables up to 120″ are also available.

    Manufacturer: ENWORK

  • Executive desk – White Glass Top

    Approximate Overall dimensions: 78”x75”x29”


    • Floating white tempered glass top
    • Contemporary aluminum trim
    • Reversible/non handed
    • Built-in combo Box File cabinet
    • Color match drawer box
    • Full extension ball bearing slides
    • Tungsten oversized 40mm lockable casters under cabinet
    • Comes standard with a lock and 2 keys
    • 3mm matching PVC edge
    • Black adjustable glides
    • Cam lock ready for easy assembly
    • Low glare laminate technology increases focus and concentration
    • CARB compliant
    • Exceed ANSI/BIFMA quality standards



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  • Fenix

    The finely tailored appearance of Fenix makes for an elegant addition to the modern office. Fenix features a two-piece molded foam shell combined with a proprietary mechanism that allows the user to recline while the arms and the front of the seat remain in a fixed position.

    Manufacturer: DAVIS

  • Flux


    Flux proves that classic desk configurations that extend to the floor can still integrate flexibility, with features like adjustable height work surfaces.

    Flux is a fluid, forward-thinking case good series that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of innovate mobility, smart storage, and modern materials. Design for the dime-size home office or the large executive suite. Convert a workspace into a meeting area with the swing of a table. Integrate height adjustability throughout the office. With FLUX, work the way you want. Designed by David Allan Pesso.

    Manufacturer: JSI

  • Flux


    The open plan is in a constant state of change. Whether designing for free-address mobility or assigned benching, open collaboration or private, heads-down, Flux Open Plan brings order to the unrest. Designed by David Allan Pesso, Flux Open Plan is an extension of the Flux casegood line that adapts to the way you work with an extensive offering of height adjustability, smart storage, and modern materials.

    Manufacturer: JSI

  • Garvey R5

    For conference, private office or in an open collaborative space, Garvy R5 is designed to fit your exact need.

    Choose the height that fots in the enviroment, the arm that supports the task, and the base that works best for the project. With a selection of arm and base styles, Garvey R5 offers the right adjustment for any office seating.


Showing 10–18 of 59 items