The Perfect Furniture for Your Office

Whether we work from home or travel to an office, we spend a lot of time there. Many of us regularly suffer a poorly designed working environment, making do with the furniture at hand.

However, a functional, practical, personalized workstation and properly constructed office furniture are crucial to increase productivity and general efficiency.

We can also take inspiration from Apple office furniture, Tesla Office furniture or even Google office furniture to get an idea of what kind of furniture they use to give their employees the comfort that makes them so productive.

Are you wondering where the wealthiest people work? Where do their employees work? Let us walk you through it.

Elon Musk’s Working Station

Elon Musk decided to bring his desk to the end of the assembly line, right next to his sleeping bag, where he would spend countless hours each week working on the Tesla Model X.

It’s interesting to note that Musk’s workstation at SpaceX seems relatively regular despite being a little bare. His emphasis is on the future rather than filling his desk with relics from the past.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Office Furniture

Mark Zuckerberg’s workstation is as open to conversation as pals on Facebook, as he is seated in the middle of Facebook’s spacious offices without walls to separate staff.

His direct desk has surfaces covered in graffiti and is frequently sprinkled with Gatorade and fast food. Zuckerberg’s workstation promotes collaborative work and a free flow of ideas.

Google Office Furniture Design

Google’s workspaces were created to go along with how they like to work, which seems to be working for them. However, not everyone or every organization should use the open plan design.

Employees are happier if their working needs are addressed; some need a quiet spot for attention, others a lively, inspiring space for inspiration and ideas, and others a closed board or meeting room for private discussions.

What office furniture they use that makes it easy for them to communicate and exchange ideas with each other is a great way to get inspiration for your office furniture.

Apple’s most exclusive office furniture and interiors

Apple is a name of innovation and technology. They are the ones who brought music into our pockets with their creation of Ipods. It is no doubt that their office furniture is one to look at.

Apple uses maple finishes throughout the fit-out to go with the ultra-modern look. This adds a layer of warmth and depth to any workplace by enabling employees to feel more “grounded” and comfortable in their surroundings. Apple should be able to smoothly integrate the outdoors with a primarily ultra-modern interior thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the 20-acre property.

Large indoor trees are a common feature in Apple retail stores, contrasting the sleek metallic finishes, polished concrete and square glass cubes while complementing their signature wooden worktops.

The Bottom Line

Comfortable office furniture is what makes the employees work with ease and comfort. Not surprisingly, the comfort and the ease of work also increase productivity. If there’s no productivity, there’s no way your business is going to be successful. How do you bring that ease to your employees?

The office of top firms like Apple, Meta, Google and Tesla is a real example of what comforts look like. By taking inspiration from their office furniture, you can choose what best suits your office and your employees.

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